Owner Yogaville Yoga Studio

200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Alliance

Reiki Practitioner (Level 2)

I can best describe myself as both a student of yoga and  full-time yoga teacher.

The last fifteen years since I first discovered yoga has included teachers trainings, attending and leading hundreds of classes, retreats locally and abroad, festivals, workshops, lessons, shared dog-eared aged books, researching, interacting with incredible teachers and a blessed wise and loving yoga community, travelling, trekking and touring to holy places. This life has provided me with the tools to live a balanced life (or at least a conscious attempt at it), something not always easily found in the distractions and chaos of our modern world.

Instead of calling myself a ‘teacher’, I prefer to be described as a ‘ sharer’ of what I have been taught and continue to discover on this journey.

I still have much to learn but what I do know for sure is that yoga has always been there for me – for personal growth, to love myself more, to learn important life lessons, to heal old and new wounds, to love others more and to navigate through the challenging aspects of our humanness like forgiveness and acceptance of what we cannot change, and subsequently moving on.

Whether I practice meditation for five minutes on my bedroom floor when my back is sore, or sweat through a two hour class with my beloved teacher, I know that the practice of yoga will always meet me wherever I am – always seeking peace and quiet within.

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Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher 200h
Certified Adult Hatha Yoga Teacher 300h

Marjolein is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance accredited teacher – certified to teach children’s yoga, mindfulness, meditation and adults Hatha yoga.

She has introduced children's yoga classes successfully both privately and at a number of local schools in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs.

Marjolein is committed to creating a space for adults and children to come as they are, a space where they can simply “be”.  A space to be free from anxiety, judgement, pressures – peers, school and home, without constant competition and being overwhelmed by technology.  She is soft natured, fun, caring and kind and these traits can be experienced in her gentle, flowing, fun-filled classes. The well-being of her students is very important to her. She takes great care to create balanced sessions, leaving students feeling refreshed, free from mental clatter, having less body aches and pains, energized and looking forward to the next session.

She believes yoga can help us connect with who we are; allowing our inner beauty to shine in an environment where our thoughts make a difference.
“Yoga really can show us the gift of contentment, peace, happiness, health and love - love for others, ourselves and the planet.”

Marjolein believes that yoga is much more than just being flexible in your body. It's about trying to become present in every moment of your life. Smelling, tasting, touching, seeing and hearing with awareness, without judgement.  She lives by her belief that yoga is for everybody and is looking forward to the privilege of being part of your and your child’s yoga journey!



Lizet is a green-thumbed yogi that loves to share a playful practice in beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces.

After 5 years of yoga adventures from Cape Town to the Himalayas, she settled onto her mat in the winter of 2013 with the powerful Ashtanga self-practice.

In 2014 she relocated to India and Thailand to “practice practice...all is coming”. She completed her 250hr teachers training under the guidance of Asthangi- evolved Pranayama teacher, Paul Dallaghan. After completing the year with assisting on teachers immersions, she returned to her heart’s home. Here she has been teaching, planting and furthering her studies in both Yoga and Sustainable Enterprise.

She welcomes the spacious inhale and anchoring exhale. This fuels the focus and fluid postures in Vinyasa. Lizet loves being a fun and fearless AcroYogi that can also settle into stillness with a Vipassana practice. She professes kind self-observation on- and off the mat.

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